This is the website of Mike Murphy, a writer on the internet.

He writes for Quartz, has a blog he rarely updates, he takes some pictures and in the past used to make some music. He likes robots and tacos.

Here’s a short list of a few of the things that I have written that some people seemed to like, or I did:


Quartz – This app is trying to replicate you

Quartz – This engineer is on a single-minded quest to build himself soft robots

Quartz – IBM’s Watson is bringing cutting-edge cancer treatment to every corner of the earth

Quartz – The future of sports could be a televised league of giant fighting robots

Quartz – Drone racing just became a mainstream sport, thanks to ESPN

Quartz – This French drone company innovates by knowing when to ignore what consumers want

Quartz – Ford is solving problems by getting all its employees to think like inventors

Quartz – There’s now a drone racing league that feels like pod racing from Star Wars

Quartz – Inside the 122-year-old company that makes sure our electronics don’t blow up our homes

Quartz – Searching for Eureka: IBM’s path back to greatness, and how it could change the world

Quartz – The guys behind MegaBots say their giant fighting robot will pioneer an entirely new, worldwide sport

Quartz – Inside the lab where scientists are 3D-printing a real working trachea


Quartz – The new iPad Pro is pretty great—if you accept it for what it is

Quartz – The DJI Spark is the first drone for anyone

Quartz – The Samsung Galaxy S8 will probably make you forget about the exploding Note 7

Quartz – The Nintendo Switch could be the most exciting console in a decade—but you shouldn’t buy one right now

Quartz – AirPods are Apple’s most Apple-like product in years

Quartz – The “Tesla of bikes” is completely unnecessary but so much fun to ride

Quartz – Star Wars: “Rogue One” is a devastating, universal story about living under tyranny

Quartz – This could be what the terrifying future of personal drones looks like

Quartz – The Google Pixel has an excellent camera, but not much else

Quartz – The iPhone 7 is the best iPhone since the iPhone 6S

Quartz – The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is the best giant phone on the market (oops)

Quartz – The Huawei Matebook shows that China should be known for more than gadget knock-offs

Quartz – The OnePlus 3 proves there’s no reason why smartphones should cost so much

Quartz – Segway’s answer to the hoverboard still doesn’t hover, but it’s fun as hell

Quartz – Nintendo’s first mobile app is a Kafkaesque exercise in madness

Quartz – Review: DJI’s Phantom 4 is so close to being the drone for everyone, but it’s not quite there

Quartz – The best feature on Samsung’s new Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone is far and away its camera

Quartz – There’s a frustration-free Wi-Fi router that you can actually set up in less than five minutes

Quartz – Steve Jobs was not the Steve Jobs in “Steve Jobs”

Quartz – This new Android phone is half the price of an iPhone and looks just as good

Quartz – “The Force Awakens” is exactly the Star Wars movie we were all waiting for

MSN – This might be the best new drone to buy for beginners


Quartz – Apple has never been first on anything and it isn’t about to change now

Quartz – No one could’ve guessed just how important the iPhone would be

Quartz – Instagram is now completely Snapchat

Quartz – Amazon’s plan to dominate the shipping industry—with almost no humans involved—is taking shape

Quartz – Facebook is proof that you don’t need an original idea to be wildly successful

Quartz – How Snap fared on its first day as a public company

Quartz – Don’t buy your kids internet-connected toys

Quartz – The consumer drone market is starting to look a lot like the early smartphone market

Quartz – If you’ve been stuck in an airport because of delays recently, you already know how bad a highly automated society will be

Quartz – The future is a place where we won’t have to talk to or hear from anyone we don’t want to

Quartz – The world is awash in affordable, pointless VR devices

Quartz – There is absolutely no reason to get excited about a new smartphone

Quartz – This is the week self-driving cars became real

Quartz – Uber’s self-driving cars have come to Pittsburgh, but that doesn’t mean the driverless era is here

Quartz – The Apple Watch is the most anxiety-inducing device I’ve ever owned

Quartz – The future of fear: VR rollercoasters are coming

Quartz – What is Apple actually doing besides building that ridiculously expensive new headquarters?

Quartz – The crappy 360-degree videos you’re seeing on Facebook are giving virtual reality a bad name

Quartz – A year after its launch, it’s now clear that pretty much no one needs an Apple Watch

Quartz – We’re closer to a future where we can 3D print anything

Quartz – Apple is boring now

Quartz – Apple is preparing for a future where individual iPhone sales don’t matter

Quartz – Don’t bother trying to make your dumb house smart

Quartz – You might want to turn off this new iOS 9 setting if you don’t have unlimited data

The Atlantic – Cuba’s Stark Technology Gap, Charted

First reported

Quartz – After just two years, the original US national drone-racing competition is dead

Quartz – Read Satya Nadella’s letter to Microsoft staff after the events in Charlottesville

Quartz – Amazon owns a whole collection of secret brands

Quartz – Facebook is trying to get rid of bias in Trending news by getting rid of humans

Quartz – New Yorkers can start using a secret subway tunnel under Central Park this December

Quartz – Google is launching a new research project to see if computers can be truly creative

Quartz – This is what it sounds like when you turn antique telephone switchboards into musical instruments

Quartz – Apple hired a Google inventor who had been working on electric-vehicle charging

Quartz – The first drone to complete a delivery in the US is on its way to the Smithsonian

Quartz – Google wants to deliver packages from self-driving trucks


Quartz – Lyft cofounder John Zimmer

Quartz – Former Apple CEO John Sculley

Quartz – Ford CEO Mark Fields

Quartz – Toyota Research CEO and DARPA Robotics Challenge manager Gill Pratt

Quartz – MakerBot CEO Jonathan Jaglom

Quartz – Writer and director Alex Garland

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